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It was a cold June morning, I was sitting in front of the TV; watching Video Hits, when "New Release" "Invertigo" "Desensitized" came on. I watched the
Vid, thought Christian *although I didn't know his name then* was soooooo sexy. And then, I heard the song, I started to sing it, and that afternoon, I went out and brought the single, ever since then, I have loved Invertigo, and Christian just gets sexier!! ;)
Bec, Vic

I heard Chances are for the first time on my walkman coming back from school camp. Its amazing beat and touching lyrics caught me straight away. The groovy music almost made me get up and dance. I had no idea who Sung this song or what it was called, but I knew I loved it. Once I got home I listened to my radio 24 hours a day to try hear it again. I found out the band wa Invertigo and once I bought the single, I heard their other songs. Just like Chances are, I was hooked to them as well.

Rebecca, WA

Hi, My name is Sarah and I saw Invertigo Perform in Brisbane. It was an excellent show and ill never forget. The guys are really sweet and nice and love performing for fans.
Thats why I love Invertigo.

Sarah W. 15, QLD

Incredibly talented
Never disapointing
Very good
Really exciting
Obviously the best.

Laura, VIC