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Here are all of Invertigo's singles. They are in the Order of when the were released.



1. Desensitized (Single Edit)
2. Desensitized (Urban Radio Mix)
3. Desensitized (Euro Club Mix)
4. Desensitized (Instrumental Club Mix)


1. Chances Are
2. Slave
3. Chances Are (Urban Radio Mix)
4. Desensitized (Guitars-Up Version)


1. Say You Do
2. Chances Are (U.S. Mix)
3. Mr Right
4. Say You Do (Instrumental)

Desensitized is Invertigo's First single. It was released on June the 5th, 2000. Their second single, Chances Are was released on November the 27th of 2000. Their most recent single releases is Say You Do. That Was released on June 11, 2001.

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