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Vince Leigh:
Vincent Paul Leigh was born on the 19th of November in Melbourne. He is the bands Drummer and has been musically trained by his father since he was 5. His favourite songs on the album are 'If I' and 'Man Enough'. He also has 2 brothers in the band, James and Gerry. Before Invertigo, Vince, with brother James were in a band called Pseudo Echo until they decided to leave and make a new band with brother Gerry. They called their band Vertigo and once their lead singer left and they met Christian, they changed their name to Invertigo.

Gerry Leigh:
Gerry was born on the 10th of May in Melbourne and is the bands guitarist and back up vocalist. His favourite song on the album is 'Typical'. Gerry has played the guitar since he was 8 years old and prefers to play live. He has 2 brothers in the band, James and Vince. At every concert Gerry has a 1989 white Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar. Gerry's full name is Gerome William Leigh.

Christian Argenti:
Christian Argenti auditioned for the band once their ex singer decided to split. Once Christian auditioned, They knew there was something about him, so he stole the part of lead vocalist. Christian was born on the 3rd of January in Melbourne and has 3 older sisters and 1 younger brother. His earliest memories are dressing up as the Beatles and KISS and living room shows after dinner. Christian always has a signed pick by Eddie Van Halen under his watch during every show for good luck.

James Leigh:
James Joseph Leigh was born on the 1st on December in Melbourne. As well, he is the Guitarist and back up vocalist but also plays the piano/keyboard. James started to play the piano when he was 5. He was musically started at the age of 5 and was classically trained in Melbourne (and Tokyo). James also has 2 brothers in the band, Vince and Gerry. James was a member of Pseudo Echo and Vertigo.


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