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James and Vince Leigh joined Pseudo Echo in the middle of that group's career. James was first to join, on keyboards, in time to work on the group's second album 'Love's An Adventure'. Vince was on drums by the time the album was released. Still in their teens they joined just in time to tour and record in America.

James Leigh joined Pseudo Echo with the keyboard. He departed and left in 1989. He learnt classical piano from the age of 7 and had finished grade 6 level before he left school at an early age to join his favourite Australian band. James brother Vince Leigh also joined Pseudo Echo but with the drums. Previously, before Pseudo Echo, Vince was in Liquid Engineers and Marginal Era. Vince replaced Anthony Argio, when he left. Psuedo Echos brand new double album is out now. It is called Teleporter. The albums first C.D has live songs recorded in May 1999 in Melbourne. It also includes 4 brand new tracks including, '1985' and 'The future'.

After Pseudo Echo the Leigh brothers took time out for a few years, before starting to write songs again, playing in cover bands, and with their older brother Gerry forming the group that was named Vertigo. Vertigo releasde 2 singles. Forever Lately and Human Need.


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